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#4100‘H’ format requires 0<=number<=65535Martin WestallDisplayCAL3.1.7BugFixed102016-09-13
#4089Linux: ColorMunki Photo – dispcal: Error – new_disprd failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’maxtrArgyllCMS 1.8.3BugDuplicate102016-09-13
#4066Black background prevents the RGB adjustmentRaikkon35ArgyllCMSEnhancementNew102016-09-12
#3976Windows 10: ColorMunki Display – dispcal: Error – new_disprd failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’ err 24rlisarioArgyllCMS 1.8.3BugNew602016-09-05
#3965Aborting Dispcal GUI on centos 7 with newly nvida driver.daemyeongArgyllCMS1.9 BetaBugDuplicate502016-09-05
#3900I can’t even press the Calibrate & Profile button.kangarueDisplayCALBugWorks For Me102016-08-31
#3895Jeti specbos 1201 – dispcal: Error – new_disprd() failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’Pete NaplesArgyllCMSBugNew102016-08-28
#3783How long does the resolve cal process take?Michael BDisplayCALBugInvalid102016-08-15
#3767Windows 7: ColorMunki Display – dispcal: Error – new_disprd() failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’ (communications failure)iMiKEDArgyllCMS 1.8.3BugNew102016-08-11
#3524Spyder 5 eliteSamir SawantDisplayCALBugInvalid202016-07-12
#3426After running DisplayCal video playback displays only Magenta/GreenMichael MaiaticoDisplayCALBugNot A Bug302016-06-27
#3156Support for built-in Lenovo Pantone Huey?xaneArgyllCMS 1.8.3Feature RequestNew102016-05-31
#3129DisplayCal does not see tablet Display or InstrumentAndy TaylorDisplayCAL For Me502016-05-27
#3008Desktop file conflicts with gnome-color-managerJehan PagesDisplayCAL3.1BugWorks For Me702016-05-15
#2802[web-display] Web server talk in HTTP 0.9!Daniel LiabeufArgyllCMS1.9 BetaBugFixed102016-04-29
#2635Banner would go blank every time after pushing the Install Profile buttonHarryYTMDisplayCAL
#2597Error message pop-up on right click the profile loader icon when DisplayCAL 3.1.3 is runningHarryYTMDisplayCAL 3.1.3Minor3.1.3.1BugFixed102016-04-11
#2588v. 3.1.3 doesn’t find InstrumentWaltHPDisplayCAL 3.1.3BugWorks For Me202016-04-11
#2472DisplayCAL Profile Loader not following language settings.HarryYTMDisplayCALMinor3.1.3EnhancementImplemented402016-04-06
#2470[Errno 8] nodename nor servname provided, or not knownKeiran FlynnDisplayCAL

Last 5 closed tickets

#25467DisplayCAL-apply-profiles.exe use ram too much .! need enhancement.tony-calcDisplayCAL
#22804Verification crashes with BadMatch errorAustin ButlerDisplayCAL A Bug102020-02-10
#22507crash with 3D profile informationPatrick CâtelX3D Viewer For Me202020-01-31
#22450Computing update to calibration curves hangs on 3rd patchsaltarobBugResolved202020-01-27
#22345Add support for ambient mode readings in DisplayCALSirMasterDisplayCALFeature RequestDuplicate002020-01-20

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