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#9507Mouse hangs every three secondsesparrowBugNew102017-11-14
#9490new_disprd failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’Jim photogBugNew002017-11-13
#9423SSL Certificate Verify Failed – Mac OSgrcouch501DisplayCALBugNew002017-11-10
#9214Option to disable profile loader pop-up notifications?bodayDisplayCALFeature RequestAccepted302017-10-22
#9174Instrument Access Failed with Klein K10A on multiple machineskoperfildArgyllCMSBugNew002017-10-17
#9123Colormunki not detected on Win7 machinebmcn2002ArgyllCMSBugNew002017-10-12
#9093DisplayCAL apps not showing in LaunchpadJim Blue
#8951Display calibration hangs on “Using CAM Jab for clipping”proslambanomenosDisplayCALBugNew1012017-09-21
#8908DisplayCal Profile Loader 3.3.4 MadVR detectionmbze430 3.3.4BugNew702017-09-16
#8905two monitors system issueAlex PotemkinDisplayCALBugNew102017-09-15
#8420Problems with Specbos 1201 messurementNeoDeeArgyllCMS 1.9.2BugNew102017-08-16
#7566ColorMunki Photo at Win10 always fails with the dispcal: Error – display read failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’AlexBArgyllCMSBugNew002017-06-17
#7237Error – new_disprd() failed with “Instrument Access Failed” on Mac OSX SierradspasoskiArgyllCMS 1.9.2BugNew002017-05-29
#7152Error – new_disprd() failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’ViktorArgyllCMS 1.9.2BugResolved402017-05-23
#6167dispcal: Error – new_disprd() failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’ on LMDE2ronaldtimmermannArgyllCMS 1.9.2BugNew2302017-03-10
#5759Spyder2 Not workingBob RArgyllCMSBugNew102017-02-01
#5616CentOS 7: i1Display3 Rev. B – dispcal: Error – display read failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’ (communication problem)DavidArgyllCMS 1.9.2BugNew102017-01-22
#5141Windows 10: ColorMunki Display – dispcal: Error – new_disprd() failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’ err 18gokuArgyllCMS 1.9.2BugNew322016-12-17
#4949DisplayCAL 3.2.0: All tools fail to start on macOS Sierra (10.12.0 and 10.12.1)Frank PetzoldDisplayCAL 3.2.0BugResolved202016-11-24
#4497Uniformity test in external displayRaikkon35DisplayCAL 3.1.7Feature RequestNew012016-10-08

Last 5 closed tickets

#9314Cannot detect Spyder5dangelic0DisplayCALBugWorks For Me202017-11-03
#9216Disable “Apply calibration (vcgt)” while creating 3D LUT for madVR by default?bodayDisplayCALEnhancementRejected302017-10-23
#9210report on uncorrected deviceAntonio MarcheselliDisplayCAL 3.3.5BugNot A Bug302017-10-22
#9164Windows 7 crash at reboottonymickDisplayCAL Standalone Setup (Windows)BugWorks For Me202017-10-17
#9130Colormunki not detected on Win7 machinebmcn2002DisplayCALBugDuplicate102017-10-12

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