#4100 (Bug) ‘H’ format requires 0<=number<=65535

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Component: DisplayCAL | Milestone: 3.1.7
Created by Martin Westall

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Profile fails to build with error ‘H’ format requires 0<=number<=65535

Windows 10 Anniversary x64, DisplayCal 3.1.6 x64, Argyll CMS 1.8.3 x64, 2x Dell U2412M, Nvidia GTX 960

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displaycal-logs (application/x-gzip | 2016-09-13 13:10:06)

One comment on “‘H’ format requires 0<=number<=65535”

  1. It seems your measurement instrument has gone bad. The Huey is an old device, so probably its filters have degraded to a point where the measurements are unusable.

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