DisplayCAL released

Changed in this release:

  • [Enhancement] Show the instrument serial number (if available) when prompting to physically interact with the instrument.
  • [Enhancement] Check SpyderX dark offset calibration and abort if it is too high (user error).
  • [Enhancement] Adjust perceptual device to PCS table black point to match perceptual PCS to device table.
  • [Enhancement] Warn during automatic output levels detection if the display device input range or graphics driver output range look to be misconfigured.
  • [Enhancement] Profile loader (Windows): Use an alternate method to enforce single instance if local IPC is blocked.
  • Tone response curve plot now uses the illuminant-relative profile whitepoint instead of D50 for input values if using absolute colorimetric intent.
  • Rename “LG OLED” (.dcl) 3D LUT format to “DeviceControl” and unlock available resolutions.

Fixed in this release:

  • [Moderate] Fix SpyderX calibration issue when using 32-bit ArgyllCMS executables.
  • [Trivial] Reload current calibration when cancelling profile installation (regression of a change to profile installation dialog handling in DisplayCAL 3.8.8, SVN revision r6252).
  • [Trivial] When loading settings from a profile, restore unused CIECAM02 viewing conditions (if applicable).
  • [Trivial] Prevent potential double prompt for instrument calibration.
  • [Cosmetic] Do not re-use logfiles for standalone tools as long as other instances are still running.
  • [Moderate] Linux: Failure to launch with pre-release versions of wxPython 4.