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#39246Calibrating flanders CM240wragge75BugNew002023-03-20
#39131Cannot load 3D view : file “…[<generator object ProfileInfoFrame.view_3d.. at 0x7faa303c4970>] vs sRGB [A].wrz” does not existfenugrecDisplayCAL 3.9.10BugNew002023-02-27
#39088display cal and Argyll on apple M1 Big Sur for Display2 xrite – MACGiuseppe.miriArgyllCMSBugNew002023-02-14
#38965displaycal -d parameter 2 out of range?WolfyBugNew002023-01-27
#38248Unable to install Argyll driversabdullah hemidaArgyll USB driver installer (Windows)BugNew0122023-01-03
#38216Displaycal can’t download and install newest version of ArgyllCMSGokuo64BugNew062022-12-31
#38162Error – dispd-> read returned error code 2Charles DaigleDisplayCAL
#38082ValueError: cannot convert float NaN to integerrifoDisplayCALBugNew002022-12-15
#37571Discouraged mime in Linux desktop entryAlberto Salvia NovellaDisplayCAL 3.9.6BugNew002022-11-04
#37406Waiting for connection
#37206Diagnostic: -d parameter 1 out of rangeRune PedersenBugNew012022-09-28
#37202Eizo CG222W + Big Sur and Monterey + Spyder3 ProDavideDisplayCAL
#37200Eizo CG222W + Big Sur and Monterey + Spyder3 ProDavideDisplayCAL

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#25467DisplayCAL-apply-profiles.exe use ram too much .! need enhancement.tony-calcDisplayCAL
#22804Verification crashes with BadMatch errorAustin ButlerDisplayCAL A Bug102020-02-10
#22507crash with 3D profile informationPatrick CâtelX3D Viewer For Me202020-01-31
#22450Computing update to calibration curves hangs on 3rd patchsaltarobBugResolved202020-01-27
#22345Add support for ambient mode readings in DisplayCALSirMasterDisplayCALFeature RequestDuplicate002020-01-20

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