#39246 (Bug) Calibrating flanders CM240

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i am trying to calibrate a flanders scintific CM240 by creating a Lut for Resolve with displaycal. I do not necesseraly want to add the lut to the monitor, but to resolve in the color management.

I want to create a rec709 gamma 2.4  3D lut  but do not know exactly where to start. First, in the monitor menu, I cannot load a default profile for  as I read somewhere it was in the system menu. I cannot find such a profile.  Then i had difficulty obtaining a 6500k white point ( whith the defaut settings the screen has a yellow green tint at 6500k). I used the rgb gain and bias parameters. Is that right?
Then what should I choose for the tone curve :

rec 1886 or gamma 2.4, and for that last one is it absolute or relative zero?

i would be very grateful if you could indicate that settings. Regards

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