#38248 (Bug) Unable to install Argyll drivers

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Component: Argyll USB driver installer (Windows)
Created by abdullah hemida

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I installed Argyle 2.3.1 and DisplayCal 3.9.  manually cuz i get the following error  I am using a spyder x elite .
“not found HTTP//www.argyllcms.com/argyll_2.1.2_win32_exe.zip

When attempting to install ArgyllCML instrumet drivers, I get the following error:
“Multiple Choices https://displaycal.net/Argyll/Argyll_V2.3.1_USB_driver_installer.exe.zip”

I tried browsing to that location and got a 404 error.

I also tried manually installing the driver into Device Manager from the …Argyll_V2.3.1\usb folder, but Device Manager says that the best driver for Spyder x elte is already installed.

I am unable to get past the first screen because the “Instrument” drop-down is grayed out as is the Calibrate & profile button.

I looked at other issues and tickets regarding Spyderx elite  but did not find anything with the same error message that I am getting.

Can you help me to get DisplayCAL3 working?  Thanks

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  1. I also have this exact issue. I was able to download the file by going to that url with my browser. I ran the exe multiple times but nothing happened. I am still not able to select the SpyderX as my instrument.

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