#22345 (Feature Request) Add support for ambient mode readings in DisplayCAL

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Component: DisplayCAL
Created by SirMaster

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In the latest version of ArgyllCMS v2.1.2, the follow change was made:

  • Added instrument ambient mode (-a flag) to dispcal, dispread and ccxxmake, to allow use of direct projector to ambient mode measurement.

I would like to see DisplayCAL support the new ambient mode flag so that we can tell the i1 Pro 1/2 and i1 Display Pro hardware to read with the diffuser in place facing the projector lens so that we can create correction matrix facing the projector lens, but primarily so we can create 3DLUT with facing the lens as well.

The reason this can be useful is that dark readings can be more accurate when facing the lens as you can get more light by placing the meter closer to the lens.

This is also useful when calibrating a projector that you are selling or giving away after so that it’s calibrated as well as it can be from the lens rather than calibrating it for your screen which will not be used. in the projectors new home.

Some projectors actually have a database of screen calibration offsets that can be applied, and they assume that the projector is calibrated accurately from the lens in this case and the end user can select their screen material from the list within the projector to apply a calibration offset for their specific screen material.