#22507 (Bug) crash with 3D profile information

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Closed as Works For Me
Component: X3D Viewer
Created by Patrick Câtel

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configuration= displaycal v + Argyll v2.1.2 (64 bits) + windows10 up-to-date + firefox v72.0.2

– entering File > Profile information -> new window “Profile information”, CIE a*b* coordinates selected
– pressing “3D” button => new browser tab (Firefox) “icc_file_name”
– beginning to roll the 3D graphic
=> the firefox tab crashes (drawing disappears, only the black background remains) after a few seconds (5 to 20?)

toggle log (text/plain | 2020-01-31 13:15:55)

2 comments on “crash with 3D profile information”

  1. Ok, think you to take care of me.

    I was aware that the issue could be dependent on one specific configuration. I use the integrated GPU of an Intel Core i5 6600. The driver is maintained by Windows Update, don’t ask me how !?

    I reported the problem because it didn’t occur with previous versions of Displaycal [or old versions of some implicated software?]. I don’t consider it as major anyway.


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