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#18444Mac OS X unable to install profile (see log)TeneliaArgyllCMSBugNew002019-06-30
#18328new_disprd failed with ‘Instrument Acess Failed’VladimirArgyllCMSBugWorks For Me102019-06-26
#18029Windows 10 Home Version 1903 “profile could not be installed – Dispwin: Error – We don’t have access to the VideoLUT for clearing”TorstenAWindows 10 1903BugResolved402019-06-10
#17959White Point measuring issueIgotascreenDisplayCALBugNot A Bug102019-06-06
#17813Migration to Python 3?Bruno PaganiDisplayCALFeature RequestNew302019-05-30
#17780Can’t baked Calibration in 3dlutTony ShuArgyllCMS3.8.4BugFixed302019-05-27
#17522Build error since r6047Jean-Luc CoulonBugFixed202019-05-18
#17385Information text partially displayed on main screen sinceJean-Luc CoulonDisplayCALBugFixed902019-05-12
#17331Strange doubling of windows in LinuxAlexander TokarevDisplayCAL3.8.1.1BugFixed402019-05-09
#17120Unable to install Argyll driversBobFalkArgyll USB driver installer (Windows)BugResolved202019-04-30
#17101Error – Reading CCMX/CCSS FilecommotionDisplayCAL 3.8BugNot A Bug402019-04-29
#16937Can’t locate Datacolor SpyderX Prodhorowitz66BugDuplicate102019-04-19
#16899Updated / yaml French translationJean-Luc CoulonDisplayCALEnhancementDone202019-04-17
#16638DicomМаксим РакутинArgyllCMSFeature RequestNew002019-04-04
#16393DisplayCal 3 Calibration won’t start: Interactive Display Adjustment box disappearsJim SpadoniArgyllCMS 2.0.1BugResolved602019-03-18
#16049Support for Spyder X EliteJubo290DisplayCAL3.8Feature RequestDuplicate122019-03-05
#15993ubuntu 18.10 crash while trying to startupdiehard67DisplayCALBugWorks For Me102019-03-03
#15888Support for new SpyderX EliteHåkon TønnessenDisplayCALFeature RequestImplemented042019-02-22
#15864Weberver waiting at A Bug102019-02-21
#15861Profile with DisplayCal on macOS 10.14 breaks NightShiftmgb123DisplayCALBugNew412019-02-21

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#20476DisplayCal + SpyderX results in faulty calibrationArjun PDisplayCALBugDuplicate002019-10-09
#20474new_disprd failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’ win 10dimaqueWindows 10BugNot A Bug102019-10-09
#20470Missing python-dbys in requirements-sourceDebian-maintainerBugNot A Bug202019-10-09
#20162Expected VideoLUT depth doesn’t matchsteverBugNot A Bug202019-09-24
#20096Different google chrome colorsАртем ИвановDisplayCAL LatestBugNot A Bug502019-09-17

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