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#20162Expected VideoLUT depth doesn’t matchsteverBugNot A Bug202019-09-24
#201503.8.7 – two instances of profile loader on Win 10 startupMark AppletonDisplayCAL3.8.7.1BugFixed3302019-09-23
#20096Different google chrome colorsАртем ИвановDisplayCAL LatestBugNot A Bug502019-09-17
#20051DisplayCAL 3.8.6 hangs on random patch a few minutes into calibrationbtspceDisplayCAL
#19993DisplayCAL hangs most of the times on last steps of calibrationRain NahkurBugWorks For Me502019-09-05
#19955Profile Will Not Install/ActivateDave BDisplayCALBugNew002019-09-03
#19860calibration problem at the end where the color become weirdHuan NguyenDisplayCAL 3.8.5BugNot A Bug102019-09-01
#19748Handles leak.RentardWindows 10 19033.8.6BugResolved302019-08-25
#18906ASR rule + DisplayCAL-apply-profiles.exerafikDisplayCALBugNot A Bug2202019-07-26
#18733Issue with green filter in HDR games – until profile reset.PeaceLionDisplayCALBugNot A Bug702019-07-17
#18726Whole screen turns blue/green/violet etc.hinterluferBugNot A Bug1112019-07-16
#18621wont save or install profilebipedWindows 10 1903BugDuplicate102019-07-07
#18486Can’t start Resolve verification. Error “UnicodeDecodeError: ‘ascii’ codec can’t decode byte 0xb2 in position 0: ordinal not in range(128)”Chris Massa3.8.3BugFixed502019-07-01
#18464Profile loader fails to loadmarkvvaalsWindows 10 1903BugDuplicate202019-07-01
#18457Installing profile darkened screen, froze iMac, cannot access drivesDeb HDisplayCAL 3.8.2BugInvalid502019-06-30
#18444Mac OS X unable to install profile (see log)TeneliaArgyllCMSBugNew002019-06-30
#18328new_disprd failed with ‘Instrument Acess Failed’VladimirArgyllCMSBugWorks For Me102019-06-26
#18029Windows 10 Home Version 1903 “profile could not be installed – Dispwin: Error – We don’t have access to the VideoLUT for clearing”TorstenAWindows 10 1903BugResolved402019-06-10
#17959White Point measuring issueIgotascreenDisplayCALBugNot A Bug102019-06-06
#17813Migration to Python 3?Bruno PaganiDisplayCALFeature RequestNew502019-05-30

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#22345Add support for ambient mode readings in DisplayCALSirMasterDisplayCALFeature RequestDuplicate002020-01-20
#22154“Your graphics drivers or hardware do not support loadable gamma ramps or calibration” RTX 2070 with GeForce Game Ready Driver 441.87gsjxg2DisplayCAL A Bug002020-01-10
#21429Unable to open on openSUSE TumbleweedRichard BrownDisplayCAL
#20725ASR rule + DisplayCAL-apply-profiles.exe – another attemptrafikBugDuplicate002019-10-25
#20689“Your graphics drivers or hardware do not support loadable gamma ramps or calibration” – AMD 5700XT (NAVI) with Catalyst 19.10.1Kyriakos GiannakouDisplayCAL A Bug202019-10-23

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FixedThe reported issue has been fixed. If a milestone is given, it indicates the minimum version that will include the fix.
Implemented The feature or enhancement has been implemented. If a milestone is given, it indicates the minimum version that will include the feature or enhancement.
Invalid The ticket is not a valid bug report, feature request or enhancement.
Not A Bug The reported issue is not a bug.
Rejected The reported issue is not really a problem, or the feature/enhancement was decided to be unsuitable for implementation.
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