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#16638DicomМаксим РакутинArgyllCMSFeature RequestNew002019-04-04
#16393DisplayCal 3 Calibration won’t start: Interactive Display Adjustment box disappearsJim SpadoniArgyllCMS 2.0.1BugResolved602019-03-18
#16049Support for Spyder X EliteJubo290DisplayCAL3.8Feature RequestDuplicate122019-03-05
#15993ubuntu 18.10 crash while trying to startupdiehard67DisplayCALBugWorks For Me102019-03-03
#15888Support for new SpyderX EliteHåkon TønnessenDisplayCALFeature RequestImplemented042019-02-22
#15864Weberver waiting at A Bug102019-02-21
#15861Profile with DisplayCal on macOS 10.14 breaks NightShiftmgb123DisplayCALBugNew402019-02-21
#15848GPU Power Save make calibration distorted.tawusawDisplayCAL
#15804[Errno 10054] An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote hostzwickpostDisplayCALBugNew402019-02-19
#15797Duplicates Corrections after it has been usedrstolpeDisplayCAL
#15794Duplicates Corrections after it has been usedrstolpeDisplayCAL A Bug002019-02-18
#15640launch of 0install’d DisplayCAL 3.7x fails on linux/64, @ “NameError: name ‘execfile’ is not defined”PGNdDisplayCALBugFixed1202019-02-08
#15537Strange color profiles – some programs using color correction tilt color channels (Unsure, displaycal or argyll issue)bilbobagginsBugNot A Bug112019-01-31
#15328Problem with multiple photometersUlrich WindlDisplayCALBugNot A Bug302019-01-20
#15308No such file or directory when profiling UntetheredRyanHArgyllCMS 2.0.1BugNew102019-01-19
#15165“Instrument access failed” error on Macs with ColorMunkiincredibleArgyllCMS 2.0.1BugNew002019-01-09
#15150Eizo CS2420 and Mode SettingsFulcanelliDisplayCAL RequestNew002019-01-09
#15006Write error: Unable to open file ‘0_16.ti3’ for writingSami MuhonenDisplayCAL
#14990Does Not Recognice Spyder3 Elite then importing colorimeter correctionsSami MuhonenDisplayCAL A Bug102018-12-30
#14957Question about Globell Color CalibratorAndrii RadevychFeature RequestNew102018-12-25

Last 5 closed tickets

#18906ASR rule + DisplayCAL-apply-profiles.exerafikDisplayCALBugNot A Bug2202019-07-26
#18733Issue with green filter in HDR games – until profile reset.PeaceLionDisplayCALBugNot A Bug702019-07-17
#18726Whole screen turns blue/green/violet etc.hinterluferBugNot A Bug1112019-07-16
#18621wont save or install profilebipedWindows 10 1903BugDuplicate102019-07-07
#18486Can’t start Resolve verification. Error “UnicodeDecodeError: ‘ascii’ codec can’t decode byte 0xb2 in position 0: ordinal not in range(128)”Chris Massa3.8.3BugFixed502019-07-01

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