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#34043Can’t signup to forumdisplayMonkeyWebsiteBugNew102022-02-02
#33823Interactive adjustment display dialog disappears into black holejeff slesingerDisplayCALBugNew002022-01-19
#33587error during CCSS creationFrollerDisplayCALBugNew002022-01-11
#33382Displaycal is unable to parse the output of dispcal.exe – (this is my guess)rafikDisplayCAL
#32937Instrument ModeJose Carlos CobucciDisplayCAL RequestNew002021-12-06
#32927DiplayCAL freezes on opening or during creating a profileJoel H MarkDisplayCAL latestBugNew012021-12-05
#32727Erroneous warning about VCGT being non-linear when creating 3D LUTdogelitionDisplayCALBugNew002021-11-22
#32406dispcal Unexpectedly QuitDustin211BugNew002021-11-04
#32062“Judd & Voss” should be “Judd & Vos”dogelitionDisplayCALBugNew002021-10-16
#31555parametricCurveType values should be clippeddogelitionDisplayCALBugNew002021-09-13
#31550[ERRNO 22] Invalid ArgumentArgwinBugNew002021-09-08
#315433D Lut tool ignores abstract profiesBrandonVDisplayCAL
#31096Import colorimeter corrections errorDane SteadDisplayCALBugNew002021-07-27
#30931Display isn’t appearing under display tabVladen32DisplayCALBugNew102021-07-15
#30569DisplayCal uses 1886 EOTF when choosing a gamma curve (ex: 2.4)Quad5NyDisplayCAL
#30018Unable to Calibrate LG38GL950-B using i1 Display Pro due to error – Your graphics drivers or hardware do not support loadable gamma ramps or calibration. You may need to update your device drivers.NickLaPalomentoDisplayCAL
#29755DisplayCal does not recognize my monitorDidoDisplayCALBugNew112021-04-20
#29550Can’t press Calibrate & Profile buttonKelvininatorDisplayCALBugNew042021-04-07
#28378Profile Loader not LoadingDarrenBugNew032021-01-30
#28166Calibration clearly not working. Screen has a distinct green tint before calibration and during the white balance dialog.Aaron BakerDisplayCALBugNew012021-01-23

Last 5 closed tickets

#25467DisplayCAL-apply-profiles.exe use ram too much .! need enhancement.tony-calcDisplayCAL
#22804Verification crashes with BadMatch errorAustin ButlerDisplayCAL A Bug102020-02-10
#22507crash with 3D profile informationPatrick CâtelX3D Viewer For Me202020-01-31
#22450Computing update to calibration curves hangs on 3rd patchsaltarobBugResolved202020-01-27
#22345Add support for ambient mode readings in DisplayCALSirMasterDisplayCALFeature RequestDuplicate002020-01-20

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