#32727 (Bug) Erroneous warning about VCGT being non-linear when creating 3D LUT

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Component: DisplayCAL
Created by dogelition

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When creating a 3D LUT, e.g. with the “Video 3D LUT for ReShade” preset, I always get a warning about the VCGT being non-linear when installing/generating the LUT. I tracked this down to the following code in wxLUT3DFrame.py:

if (show_nonlinear_videolut_warning or
real_displays_count == 1):

I verified that my VCGT is linear, and used a debugger to check that the show_nonlinear_videolut_warning flag does not get set, which means I’m getting that warning due to only having a single physical display? I don’t know why that check is in there, but this behavior certainly seems like a bug to me.

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