#33823 (Bug) Interactive adjustment display dialog disappears into black hole

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Component: DisplayCAL
Created by jeff slesinger

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DisplayCAL  on  Windows 11 with Spyder 4 .    (Note: a somewhat older version of DisplayCAL — sorry dont recall which — ran fine on this hardware under windows 10).

Execution begins normally.  After pressing Calibrate & profile screen goes into  fullscreen black and several test squares in the center are measured.  After a minute or two we reach the Set White Balance dialog which appears to the left of the center and the instrument.  The dialog then disappears.  It still exists (as confirmed from the taskbar) but is covered but is covered by the black background and unresponsive to any further input.  I tried every trick I know to extract it but without success.

Not sure what additional information is relevant; it strikes me as a pure interface issue rather than anything deeper.

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