#33587 (Bug) error during CCSS creation

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Component: DisplayCAL
Created by Froller

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When I try to create a CCSS calibration for the colorimeter through the Dispcal, I get the error “Correction creation failed”.

If I use only command line with similar attributes ( C:\Program Files (x86)\DisplayCAL\Argyll_V2.3.0\bin\ccxxmake.exe -v -E “test” -I “test” -t u -S -f “C:\temp\reference.ti3” “C:\temp\calibration.ccss”
) then everything is OK.

The problem is noticed with Argyll CMS V2.3.0.
With the V2.2.1 version all is fine.

logs (application/zip | 2022-01-11 22:09:28)

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