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#26643Profiling complete! window not showing P3Howard KimBugNew002020-11-03
#26540ZeroDivisionError: float division by zeronumberonesoniafanBugNew002020-10-27
#26074Interactive Display Adjustment / White PointJC44DisplayCALFeature RequestNew202020-09-13
#26042Unable to install DisplayCal in opensuse tumbleweedJames MoeDisplayCALBugNew222020-09-10
#25735Completely uninstall DisplayCal – DisplayCal incompatible with i1Profiler XriteEnriqueBugNew002020-08-15
#25655Work around to install on Fedora 31Michael KatzmannDisplayCAL DisplayCAL-
#25467DisplayCAL-apply-profiles.exe use ram too much .! need enhancement.tony-calcDisplayCAL
#25355DisplayCal bug – Installing Profile is stuckRyan Everett JohnsonDisplayCALBugNew012020-07-03
#25321scRGB source colorspace supportAstralStormDisplayCALEnhancementNew002020-07-01
#25202Device not being detected Error \\”new_disprd  failed with \\”instrument access failed\\” Colorminuki DisplayMarco BiloccaDisplayCALBugNew062020-06-23
#24844error new_disprd failed with instrument access failedFranco SguegliaDisplayCALBugNew102020-05-30
#24840MST (multi stream transport) and calibration: didn’t work togetherbilbobagginsDisplayCALBugNew012020-05-30
#248283D LUTs incompatible with madvr 0.9.27AstralStormDisplayCAL
#24793Maximum brightness is wrongAstronautechDisplayCAL
#24759Colormunki does not workCarloBugNew002020-05-22
#24710Does not find I1 device after upgrading to (on 2 computers)Kenneth EvansDisplayCAL
#24690No se activa el boton de Calibrar y PerfilarismaferiBugNew002020-05-16
#24584Display CAL will not acknowledge my monitorHeather KDisplayCAL
#24577Displaycal uninstallable on Kubuntu 20.04Alastair PrestonBugNew192020-05-08
#24553When Audio/Sound fails to play, DisplayCal issues segfaultRogerDisplayCALBugNew002020-05-04

Last 5 closed tickets

#25467DisplayCAL-apply-profiles.exe use ram too much .! need enhancement.tony-calcDisplayCAL
#22804Verification crashes with BadMatch errorAustin ButlerDisplayCAL A Bug102020-02-10
#22507crash with 3D profile informationPatrick CâtelX3D Viewer For Me202020-01-31
#22450Computing update to calibration curves hangs on 3rd patchsaltarobBugResolved202020-01-27
#22345Add support for ambient mode readings in DisplayCALSirMasterDisplayCALFeature RequestDuplicate002020-01-20

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