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About two years ago I posted a question (problem) attempting to understand correct usage of the interactive white point adjustment screen just prior to calibration. I mentioned that on my iMac I cannot adjust the RGB channels.

This is the screen:

screen shot of screen https://displaycal.net/#screenshots

The support response was, if I understand, to skip or ignore this screen and continue with calibration. However the screen profile created had a unwanted color cast. Or to put another way, not a neutral grey. I must repeat that statement, the profile created did not have a neutral grey appearance.

I then found by accident about two months ago a screen called:  Visual Whitepoint Editor. After experimenting with that screen, when I then proceeded to profile and calibrate, the RGB  sliders were correctly lined up in this screen: The same one I mentioned above.


And the profile was neutral gray. Please write up a Standard Operating Procedure in order to correctly calibrate on a display without the manual RGB adjustments, your instructions are not clear on this point, in addition the response from two years ago was not correct because the profile did not and still does not have a neutral grey, I can still do a comparison.

Now to be fair, when I used the visual white point editor, I think (not so confident) that I programed in the native white point of my iMac which I believe is about 6500K CCT, or (because I cannot remember what I did exactly) I clicked measure and using my Spyder5 the Visual white point editor plugged in the white point (native) and the RGB sliders then were balanced, I am really not quite sure what happened. Please assist in this matter.

Sincerely, John

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  1. My experience is that you are going to struggle to set a target white point that’s very different from the native WP of your display just using the calibration curves.  That’s probably why you got a colour cast.  You will certainly take a hit in maximum luminance. If you have no access to the display’s gain controls, calibrate using the native WP and use a profile and CMS to ‘correct’ the WP to other values.  It seems you have stumbled on that anyway.

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