#24844 (Bug) error new_disprd failed with instrument access failed

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Component: DisplayCAL
Created by Franco Sgueglia

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I use an I1Display Plus for calibration. I’m trying to use displaycal as an alternative to I1Profiler for profiling my two monitors. Both applications (I1Profiler and Displaycal)  are installed on the computer. When I start displaycal everything works, the preliminary calibration and also the whole part of the calibration with the patches is performed. At the end, when it has to go back to the interface to save my profile, the error comes up. Argyll is not installed. I tried to read some posts, but they all refer to difficulties in recognizing the tool at the beginning. It happens to me at the end of the process and I can’t save the profile. I have already triyed to uninstal and reinstall Displaycal.

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