#24840 (Bug) MST (multi stream transport) and calibration: didn’t work together

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Component: DisplayCAL
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I have an issue that i can’t do anything with. I bought two U2419H monitors and connect them by MST (multi stream transport). There are third monitor that attached to HDMI. All three monitors are recognized by Win 10 x64 normally. DisplayCAL sees them (but only one that connected to HDMI has a correct name, two others are named as “DISPLAY1 @ xxx” and “DISPLAY3 @ … (basic colors)”), i can choose what monitor to calibrate and i calibrated them just now. But… Profile loader (and Windows internal CMS profile loader) didn’t recognize that two monitors on MST.

When i left-click on the DisplayCAL profile loader icon in the taskbar icons zone i see: calibration was applyed 15 seconds ago… right click for the menu and 1. Unknown @ 1080, 0, 1080×1920: Unknown/unassigned; 2. [Detected monitor at HDMI, all ok,] @ -1080, 0, 1080×1920: Brand Model (Serial) …. my custom profile name; 3. Unknown @ 0, 0, 1080×1920: Unknown/unassigned
Windows didn’t list them (Settings -> Display -> Additional display parameters -> Videocard settings for display X -> Color management tab -> Color management button -> Devices, list of devices: printer(s), and only Display 1, which connected to HDMI port, no monitors at DP on MST daisy chain).
When i right-click on DisplayCAL profile loader icon and select “Profile associations” i see the selection/list of three monitors, but again list contains 1. Unknown @ 1080, 0, 1080×1920 (bad); 2. Brand Model @ -1080, 0, 1080×1920 (ok); 3. Unknown @ 0, 0, 1080×1920 (bad). Button “Add…” is enabled but when i click it and select a profile nothing happens – profile didn’t loaded, didn’t added.

I don’t know which component is wrong, so selected “DisplayCAL”.

displaycal_logs (application/x-7z-compressed | 2020-05-30 18:29:08)
screnshots-1 (image/png | 2020-05-30 18:29:08)

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