#25735 (Bug) Completely uninstall DisplayCal – DisplayCal incompatible with i1Profiler Xrite

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Created by Enrique

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Good Morning.

My name is Enrique. I am getting in touch due to a problem with the DisplayCal software. Right now I need to use my i1DisplayPro device with i1Profiler software. I have seen that DisplayCal is incompatible with i1Profiler since it also shows me its menus in DEMO mode, so I am unable to use my i1DisplayPro in i1Profiler.

Despite having uninstalled DisplayCal in Windows, the incompatibility problem continues in i1Profiler, the menus appear in DEMO version.
My question is, how could I erase all DisplayCal log from my Windows 10 pc?

Thank you very much in advance

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