#25655 (Bug) Work around to install on Fedora 31

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Component: DisplayCAL DisplayCAL-
Created by Michael Katzmann

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Some packages required to install RPM on Fedora 32 are obsolete. (wxpython)

To install the F31 RPM on F32 ..

Get and install older RPMs ..



curl https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py -o get-pip.py
python get-pip.py
python2 -m pip install PyGObject
python2 -m pip install PyOpenGL
python2 -m pip install faulthandler
python2 -m pip install -f https://extras.wxpython.org/wxPython4/extras/linux/gtk3/fedora-30/ wxpython

RPM then complains

 Problem: package fedora-obsolete-packages-32-53.noarch obsoletes python2-wxpython < provided by python2-wxpython-
- package DisplayCAL- requires wxPython >= 2.8.11, but none of the providers can be installed
- cannot install the best update candidate for package python2-gobject-3.34.0-3.fc31.x86_64
- problem with installed package DisplayCAL-

but this is a warning only

Fedora 32 has been out for some months..  I hope a new F32 RPM is on the way!

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