#27721 (Bug) Calibration stuck on ‘computing update to calibration curves’

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Component: DisplayCAL
Created by Lezz

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As displaycal doesn’t recognize monitors connected to an  M1 Mac mini I tried running calibration through the webserver. the measurements went through fine in about 15 minutes with a colormunki, but the calibration is stuck on ‘computing update to calibration curves’ for about 90 minutes. Checked the log files but didn’t see any related errors.

Base Mac mini (M1) late 2020
External monitor LG Ultrafine 27 inch 4K

log (application/zip | 2021-01-05 12:08:25)

One comment on “Calibration stuck on ‘computing update to calibration curves’”

  1. Went into system preferences > privacy & security > full disk access and granted DisplayCal full disk access. After a reboot of the application and another calibration round, DisplayCal was able to generate an ICC profile.Maybe a good idea for a next version to prompt the user when the app doesn’t have full disk access. 

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