#27514 (Bug) Calibration is hanging

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Folks, I’m new to DisplayCal and am having a big problem getting it to complete  a calibration at all.  The program (version keeps hanging (not Responding message) part way through the procedure. I’m running Windows 10 on a 12 month old desktop machine so there’s plenty of power and memory. My device is Spyder 3 which the program is recognising. The procedure starts as normal but usually hangs at the last iteration or when completing the mapping table (orange ring icon) but it never seems to stop in the same place twice. I have tried varying most of the obvious parameters including number of patches, quality, speed etc. all to no avail.  I’ve de-installed and reinstalled the software and no change. The ONLY time it went all the way through was when I selected the ‘Single Curve + Matrix’ profile type.

I attach the log files.

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