#4753 (Bug) ColorMunki Photo Self-Calibration Built-Lamp

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When i´m tried to “self-calibrate” the spectrometer, the built lamp doesn´t turn on, its off. I think thats is a bug because when you try to “self-calibrate” the spectometer in the vendor app, the built light, works. Is this light necessary to calibrate correctly the Spectometer? (i´m not refering to the one-side light, i´m refering to the INSIDE light, close to the spectometer spot measure). A lot of thanks and sorry for my english.

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  1. Whether an emissive dark or reflective calibration is performed depends on the measurement mode set on the “Display & instrument” tab. It’ll only perform a reflective calibration if the measurement mode is set to one of the higher spectral resolution modes (“HiRes” or “Adaptive HiRes”).

  2. Florian Hello! First of all thank you for your quick response. I tried to change the Measurement to HiRes and HiRes Adaptive and still does not work, the calibration lamp does not light. So yes, I discovered that if I run through the CMD, the program “spotread” when the application asks you to calibrate the Spectrometer, the lamp here if it works but in the DISCPLAYCAL GUI Doesn´t work. Why is that? Thanks!

    1. I have tried turning on and off “Allow skipping of spectrometer self-calibration” with the HiRes and HiRes Adaptative measurement and nothing, still not working :_(

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