#4497 (Feature Request) Uniformity test in external display

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Component: DisplayCAL 3.1.7
Created by Raikkon35

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We can run an uniformity test in the display attached to the computer, but not to an external display, like, for example, one smartphone connected through webserver.

Well, we can run it anyway, and it gives apparently correct results, with a full white background shown in the external device, clicking the parts of the display in the computer to make the measurement. But the grayscale test that is run in the square selected with the mouse in the computer is run in the display computer, not in the external device screen.

My suggestion is to let the user run the uniformity test in an external device, attaching it like when running a normal test (connecting to 192.168.1…) and then, using the actual interface of squares to select the position where the colorimeter is in the tested device, running the gamma-grayscale test in fullscreen in the external device.

Thank you very much! If I have not explained it well, please let me know.

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