#4855 (Bug) Profile 3D HTML view suddenly goes to black (at least in Chrome 54.0.2840.99)

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Hi, I’m pretty new to DisplayCAL but this really feels like a bug. (I don’t know if either in Chrome or in the files/scripts generated by DisplayCAL/Argyll).

Just create a 3D view of a profile in HTML flavour. It’ll open your browser automatically. Then start rotating it (dragging it). It suddenly disappears and everything goes to black.

You can recover the 3D view, pressing “Reset” at the bottom menu bar. And then trigger the bug, again and again as many times as you want.

I upload a ZIP with screenshots showing the issue and with the HTML 3D View example shown in those screenshots.

(BTW I’m also going to file a bug report to Chrome guys, just in case).

bug-while-viewing-3d-view-html-in-chrome (application/zip | 2016-11-14 21:01:50)

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  1. Well, if you cannot replicate it, nothing can be done. (And maybe, -quite possibly, in fact- it’s not even related to DisplayCAL/Argyll but to who knows what.

    A bit more info in case it helps:

    + Windows 10 64-bit Pro edition 1511 build.

    + i5-4590 on an AsRock B85M Pro motherboard with 16 GB RAM.

    + nvidia GTX 960 2 GB RAM with latest GeForce drivers. I’ve just updated to 375.96. This week I’ve been on 375.86 and when I filed the bug I was in the previous version, (I don’t remember which number it was). The bug shows up in every single version.

    Please, take in mind, the bug does not happen immediately. Sometimes it happens really fast, just when I start rotating the 3D view. And sometimes it takes a time. Even with the very same html file.

    But as I said, veeeeery difficult to know if it is related or not to DisplayCAL. Moreover, the variation in the time it takes to happen can be an indication about the trouble being in other place rather than in a faulty html file.

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