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#75421xGamma+MTX profile works as 3xCurve+MTXМаксим РакутинDisplayCAL3.3.2BugFixed002017-06-13
#7486Profile gets unloaded when using duplicate display on Windows 10lones710DisplayCAL 3.3.1BugCan't Fix502017-06-09
#7442‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘DeviceKey’Bram DispaDisplayCALBugWorks For Me1302017-06-06
#7152i1 Display Error – new_disprd() failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’ViktorArgyllCMS 1.9.2BugResolved402017-05-23
#7111Cannot install new profile but preview works greatMartijn BraamcolordBugCan't Fix402017-05-19
#6341New version of profile loader causes stuttering of mouse pointer / video playback (Windows)bodayDisplayCAL
#6339New version of profile loader causes stuttering of mouse pointer / video playback (Windows)boday 3.2.4BugDuplicate002017-03-21
#6167Spyder5 dispcal: Error – new_disprd() failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’ on LMDE2ronaldtimmermannArgyllCMS 1.9.2BugResolved2302017-03-10
#6137It’s impossible to update profile without reset profile?tony-calcDisplayCAL 3.2.4Feature RequestWorks For Me302017-03-09
#6135It’s impossible to change WB without re-calibration?tony-calcDisplayCAL 3.2.4Feature RequestRejected102017-03-09
#6129Instrument Access Failed for Lenovo P50 X-Rite Pantone sensorThomas DaneckerArgyllCMSBugNot A Bug122017-03-08
#6099Message: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘DeviceKey’Ruud de VreugdDisplayCAL 3.2.4BugWorks For Me302017-03-03
#6068Ask about WB with CIE xy chromaticity and Algorithm.tony-calcDisplayCAL 3.2.4EnhancementResolved102017-02-26
#6016Menu bar and sidebars with yellow tint (even in screenshots) with new profile.benjaminoDisplayCALBugNot A Bug102017-02-22
#5873Fedora 25 Mate, Profile fails to installBerwynBugNot A Bug302017-02-13
#5863AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘strip’Bruno PaganiDisplayCAL3.2.4BugFixed1112017-02-12
#5855i1 Pro2 + TvLogic XVM 32WFunKKinGDisplayCAL 3.2.3Feature RequestInvalid102017-02-12
#5759Spyder2 Instrument Access Failed (Communications failure) Windows 7Bob RArgyllCMS 1.9.2BugNew102017-02-01
#5732Spyder 3 Elite and projectorRaoulDisplayCALEnhancementNot A Bug602017-01-30
#5720Report on uncalibrated display device – dispcal: Error – Got bad color temperature conversionAsimovArgyllCMSBugWon't Fix102017-01-29

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#25467DisplayCAL-apply-profiles.exe use ram too much .! need enhancement.tony-calcDisplayCAL
#22804Verification crashes with BadMatch errorAustin ButlerDisplayCAL A Bug102020-02-10
#22507crash with 3D profile informationPatrick CâtelX3D Viewer For Me202020-01-31
#22450Computing update to calibration curves hangs on 3rd patchsaltarobBugResolved202020-01-27
#22345Add support for ambient mode readings in DisplayCALSirMasterDisplayCALFeature RequestDuplicate002020-01-20

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Invalid The ticket is not a valid bug report, feature request or enhancement.
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