#7566 (Bug) ColorMunki Photo at Win10 always fails with the dispcal: Error – display read failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’

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Component: ArgyllCMS
Created by AlexB

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I saw several tickets with the similar error and tried to solve it by myself but failed :(

When I trying to run "Calibration/Profiling" or "Report*" or "Verify cal." functions the process starts normally. But after a few seconds (when the first samples are scanned) it fails with the error listed in subject. With the vendor's software device works properly.

Detailed logs are attached to this message!

What I've tried to do:
- Uninstalled vendor (X-Rite) software and reboot;
- Connect to the different USB ports (the 2.0 and 3.0 ones);
- Use different cable;
- Tried different sets of Agryll binaries (32 and 64-bit);

Nothing helped :(

DisplayCAL_logs (application/zip | 2017-06-17 19:49:26)

3 thoughts on “ColorMunki Photo at Win10 always fails with the dispcal: Error – display read failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’”

  1. Try it with the beta 1.9.4 argyllcms binaries over here, worked for me to get my Colormunki Photo and i1Display pro to work properly on W10.

    And if you install iStudio from x-rite, you get an updated device driver set, newer than the separate install on the site, v3 vs v2.

    1. Thank you very much for pointing me to this beta! Now it finally works with my Colomumki Photo! 🙂

      I’m not sure if iStudio is suitable for Colominki product, but I’ll take a look.

      Anyway now it works with Argyll driver and 1.9.4 beta binaries well. Thanks again!

      1. Oops! I’ve celebrated too early :((( It worked fine but only twice right after replacing binaries to 1.9.4. But now the problem is came back again 🙁 All symptoms are the same. I have no idea what exactly effected it. It looks like it’s something releated to read/write timings or delays. Or, maybe incorrect device state interpretation in some conditions.

        I’ll keep experimeting with latest beta.

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