#8225 (Bug) Creating profile from measurement data changes whitepoint

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Hello Florian,

If I create a single curve + matrix profile from an existing xyz lut + matrix profile, the profile whitepoint changes.

The xyz profile shows a media white point of 6475k, the single curve + matrix profile I created from that existing profile shows a media white point of 6651k.

When creating a measurement report for the single curve + matrix profile, it shows that the whitepoint is way off, as it's expecting a different result.

Please watch the video.

The report attached shows the target whitepoint and measured whitepoint differences.

Regards, Ben.


Measurement Report 3.3.2 — Acer X34A @ 0, 0, 3440x1440 — 2017-08-08 19-49 (text/html | 2017-08-08 21:03:21)

3 thoughts on “Creating profile from measurement data changes whitepoint”

  1. This is actually expected for displays that are not perfectly linear. The best fit matrix calculated by Argyll may not encode the actual whitepoint, but a best fit approximation in that case.

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