#7111 (Bug) Cannot install new profile but preview works great

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Component: colord
Created by Martijn Braam

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I've calibrated my laptop display with the colormunki display1 and got a profile. After calibration the preview checkbox works and I can see the new profile working. After clicking install I get an error.

"Dispwin: Warning - new_dispwin: Expected VideoLUT depth 8 doesn't match actual"

Screenshot at 2017-05-19 09-20-15 (image/png | 2017-05-19 10:09:08)
DisplayCAL.log.2017-05-14 (text/plain | 2017-05-19 10:10:59)

4 thoughts on “Cannot install new profile but preview works great”

  1. Hi, it seems your distribution does not have colord support in the session. If this is a KDE system, please install colord-kde. Otherwise, install xiccd. Note that you should report this bug to your distribution and ask them to include a working colord configuration.

  2. Was facing a similar issue, and solved it by installing colord-kde. :) Do you think distro should mark colord-gtk/kde and xiccd as opt deps for colord support or installing profile through colord?

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