#8184 (Bug) Windows are showing up off screen and inaccessible.

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Component: DisplayCAL 3.3.2
Created by Vlinni

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Running DisplayCAL on Win 7, x64.  Turning my other monitors causes the Profile loader to 'disappear' when called.  It appears the very bottom of the window is at the top of one of the 2nd monitor, but I am unable to select and drag it down back into view.

When running the DisplayCAL software when more than one monitor is on does work, but the 'place calibrator here' window is reduced to a very small box, though I am able to click to start the calibration.

However when it is done, all of the popup windows are again off screen, with just their base showing up on the 2nd of 3 monitors - again not accessable.  Fortunately hitting Return advances and dismisses them.

Other windows show up there too  (2nd monitor, top right, just the bottom line of the windows visible); 'about' or 'check program update' among them.


The attached partial screenshot attached is of the left #2 monitor and the center #1 monitor (upper right corner and upper left corners respectively).  The #2 monitor is showing a background image and the base of the Profile Loader window; the open browser and DisplayCal windows are on monitor #1.




Partial screen shot (image/png | 2017-08-04 09:59:29)

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  1. You’re apparently using different scaling for the two monitors, and the GUI toolkit that DisplayCAL uses does not support this (as can be seen by the slightly blurry appearance of the application windows).

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