Sakharov Alexander

  • Yes, Florian, the OSX is very stable on this Macbook Pro. Well, forget about it.

    Regarding RGB primaries – yes, can confirm that LG OLEDs could show artefacts in case of noticeable changes in CMS menu.

  • Well, it mean that DisplayCAL shows message as on screenshot “Computing update to calibration curves”, time at the lower line changing, nothing more happens.

    I wait about 1.5 hours, than close DisplayCAL.

    From Windows PC I use i1 Pro to create correction table, than i1 Display Pro for real calibration. It works.

    Didn’t find any way to check and…[Read more]

  • Florian, thank you for fast reply.

    Yes, I have i1 Display Pro also, and can make correction table. This is not an issue.

    The issue – DisplayCAL hangs up second time for today. So, no way to calibrate OLED with it. At list for me.

  • Computing update. Already more than one hour.

    Really? More than one hour?  With that CPU usage?

    Mac OS Mojave, DisplayCAL 3.8.8, Davinci Resolve with DeckLink card, LG OLED., i1 Pro spectro.

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