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    Hello everyone,

    I’ve recently calibrated my display using DisplayCAL and an X-Rite i1 Display Pro. The overall display profile seems fine, but when I open my RAW photos, they have way too much contrast and don’t really represent the scene in which they were taken. I set my camera to take both RAW and JPEG, and in the past, they used to look exactly the same. However, now they don’t, you can see the difference in the attached picture.

    Interestingly, the RAWs which I have already edited in Lightroom, look the same as they used to. I suspect it may have something to do with the fact that I initially allowed DisplayCAL to manage profiles, but then reinstalled it several times and selected for Windows to use its own color management.

    Any ideas what may be the issue?


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    It’s better to let DisplayCal to manage profile rather than Windows. This issstarted in the DisplayCal manual. The choice of screen and the driver must be made with care depending of the monitor or screen. You have not given the specifications of the screen.


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    Hi Joel, my monitor is an AOC G2460PG. I know I cannot expect a lot from its TN panel, but this also seems to be a software issue vs something wrong with the display. After all, JPEGs look the same way as they used to before.

    Is there a way to let DisplayCAL manage profiles from the settings without reinstalling it?


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    RAW files are not defined until you open them, depending on the app they may look vary different from the in camera jpegs.

    say a say you shoot RAW+jpeg on a canon DSLR with the standard profile and open the RAW file in the canon DPP app then apply the standard profile to the RAW it will be vary close to the jpeg but if you open the RAW in any other app and it will look different.

    each app will define the RAW file in a different way & each profile you apply to the RAW file will change the way it looks and will vary on each app.

    also depends what apps you use as they may not all be colour calibration aware or you may not have set the correct options in the preferences of the app.

    If you like the jpeg look just use them,

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