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    I’m going to have to let Florian, and others, answer that question.  The one thing I learned in my many hours of educating myself about color calibration is that there is not one agreed upon standard.


    Florian Höch
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    The screen is now reddish after calibration and I’m not sure if this is suppose to be how it look like. I can’t achieve natural white in this screen after this calibration.

    Have a look at the FAQ.

    I’m using Spyder3Elite for the calibration on my LG 27UD68-W.

    The Spyder3 is not a particularly accurate device.

    I’ve been switching before and after calibration via spyder software to see which I’m more comfortable with. Still haven’t made decision on that but then it comes to me; what really is color accurate?

    Color accuracy can be measured.

    When I’m doing design work for the web, as long as it’s just for the screen and not for cinema or printed (which also depend on the printer color calibration profile), then I can be as accurate as I want on my perfectly calibrated display but it all depends on the consumer display color profile, be it PC, Mac, Monitor, Mobile Phone, etc, which most of them aren’t calibrated.

    That doesn’t matter much though – color accuracy is about confidence that what you see is accurate with respect to the content being reproduced on screen, so even if other displays are unprofiled and thus possibly inaccurate, you can still be confident about your own profiled display.


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    I can confirm that the Spyder5 datacolor software defaults to Generic LCD, and doesn’t select white LED, for my Dell 2515H monitor.

    When doing the interactive adjustment sliders, I can see that the datacolor shows the same x,y measurements as with DisplayCAL on Generic LCD.

    On Generic LCD, the sensor seems to pick up less green and more blue, compared to White LED.  I get 4%-5% less sRGB gamut coverage when calibrating with Generic LCD compared to White LED.

    I also tried loading the corrections from the exe installer, or with the auto net download. They appear to be the same.

    Also, I had originally set the Dell 2515H to Standard mode, which was the factory color calibrated mode since the year 2015, and the datacolor software with my old 2012 Spyder4 (set to White LED) at the time gave it 99% sRGB coverage. When I bought the Spyder5 in 2018, I got a slightly different tint, maybe because of it being stuck in Generic LCD mode, and got a 98-99% sRGB coverage.

    With the new 2021 calibration in standard setting, the Spyder5 (in Generic LCD mode) got 94%, and the blue was much lower in the interactive adjustment sliders. I had to set it to custom color, but over several hours, the blues kept on drifting. Originally I had R100 G99 B100 to balance the interactive adjustment sliders, then after 2 hours I had to change this to R99 G98 B100. Another 2 hours, and it was R99 G89 B99, but gave a worse validation than with R99 G98 B100. I now get 97%-98% in White LED mode.

    I don’t know if the drifting is caused by the age of the monitor, or if it’s a problem with the Spyder5 device.


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