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    Firefox had a big color management regression with 77.0 (untagged images and elements are never color managed even with gfx.color_management.mode=1). This was just fixed with Firefox 78.0, but when I was doing some quick testing, I noticed that Firefox can no longer handle profiles other than “single curve + matrix” correctly.

    I’m using a XYZLUT + matrix profile generated by DisplayCAL with my TV. I had to use this and increase the number of patches to 800+ in order to pass the verification, given my TV doesn’t have a good linear response (many TVs fall into this category). And I had to use Firefox because it was the only browser which support this kind of profiles. However, this is no longer the case.

    This means that currently there is NO browser that support XYZLUT + matrix profiles (and I’m guessing that nothing else than single curve + matrix are supported). macOS introduced this “feature” since 10.11 (El Capitan), so Safari is out; Chrome never supported this ever since they introduced color management in 62.0, same with the new Chromium-based Edge; now Firefox is out as well.

    Actually, now with the same XYZLUT profile, the colors in Firefox are identical to those in Chrome. They’re both wrong, and in the exact same way.

    Given most PC monitors have reasonably good linearity (I have calibrated maybe more than a dozen and all of them are good enough with just single curve + matrix), I think maybe we should change the default profile type to “single curve + matrix” in some presets (e.g. Office & Web) for now, before we can expect any of those companies can give us proper support for other profile types? @Florian


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    Excuse me, I know how install firefox: by repository, by manual installation in home or in /opt.
    I ask why firefox doesnt use same installation way of tor browser which unpdate automatically instead of manual installation. In this way firefox would be install by repository but update automatically.


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    so i also encountered this problem, if I manually use colprof -aX data.ti3 then the profile seems to work. Maybe a tag in the displaycal generated XYZ+MTX profile is causing issues with firefox. I tested both firefox nightly and firefox.

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