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    Is aiopylgtvcommand able to set the peak luminance values for HDR10 and DV on the 2019 models? I took a look at the source on github and found “set_tonemap_params” and “set_dolby_vision_config_data”. I’m just not sure what to do from here. Is it as simple as running the following if I wanted to change peak luminance to 750.0 and change nothing else?

    aiopylgtvcommand 192.168.XX.XX set_tonemap_params hdr_technicolorExpert luminance=750, mastering_peak_1=1000, rolloff_point_1=70, mastering_peak_2=4000, rolloff_point_2=60, mastering_peak_3=10000, rolloff_point_3=50
    aiopylgtvcommand 192.168.XX.XX set_dolby_vision_config_data white_level=750.0, black_level=0.0, gamma=2.2, primaries=BT2020_PRIMARIES

    Normally, I’d just try it and see what happens, but after reading about a bad DV config bricking a TV, I’m scared to just try something without being certain I’m doing it right.

Viewing 211 post (of 211 total)

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