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    Hello, I am trying to calibrate my MacBook 2020 13” I am not doing any color specific work on this computer, I only use it for school assignments along with Netflix/YouTube/movies. My goal is to just balance the white point and get a 2.2 gamma so that movies look good.

    My problem is that I tried to use the default settings (single curve + matrix with Black Point Compensation) and I am getting very splotchy looking oranges/reds/browns.

    I then tried doing XYZ LUT + matrix without Black point compensation (which is what I have on my Windows PC) and this made my blacks too dark, as well as giving me grainy appearance in movies.

    What settings can I use to make my screen look correct? All I want is for Netflix to look good (I am watching it in safari, all color options like True Tone/night shift/automatic brightness are off during calibration)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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