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  • I’d like to experiment with Synthetic Profiles. I made a screen capture to facilitate the discussion about the colorimetry on has to supply DisplayCAL. Please correct me if I am wrong but I get the impression that the CIE XYZ have to be ‘normalized’ in some fashion? So that they are all ‘relative’ to the Whitepoint  Y = 100.00 ?

  • My bad for missing this, under the File menu > Choose save path…

    Right under my nose 🙁

  • A) If CCT is *improper* to “adress a white point”, why do you use it  above?

    White D65 (6500K daylight)

    B) 400K is a huge visual difference, anyway you look at it

  • I’m experimenting with “Profile only”. I do not want to install a profile. The “Profile Info” window reveals a lot of information but not the actual measurements which I am after. I should be able to get the measurements from the *.ti3 file. But I can’t find it the ti3 file anywhere on my system? I guess I’ll have to use Dispread manually….

  • Hi Michael,

    I don’t dare comment publically on some products but I have seen some instruments not measuring as expected, compared with other instruments. Like, instead of measuring RGB=255,255,255 as 5000K, this particular Spyder 4 reported 4600K. To some, this 400K difference is insignificant. To me? It is. It may or may not be related to your…[Read more]

  • See attached screen capture. I must be missing some parameter, somewhere? As soon as I click the Start measurement button, I get this error message, right after choosing “Linear calibration”.

  • I don’t regard “Display P3 as sRGB 2020”, even though I have yet to sink my teeth into it. From what I read in this thread, seems to me Apple is trying to make sRGB “obsolete” but only for political reasons (to distance themselves from Microsoft/HP) or, for marketing reasons, trying to seduce Hollywood… I notice my iPhone11 pictures are coming…[Read more]

  • Thank you Vincent. I guess DisplayCAL is *independent* of  the underlying OS in that it uses its own command language (Python?) that does not depend on any OS resources like .NET on Windows? I’ll find some time to dig into the underlying DisplayCAL “language” and how it interacts with the host OS at some point… I’m familiar with ArgyllCMS.

  • So, in essence, all I need is “anything above 10.6 SnowLeopard”? Meaning that ArgyllCMS executables will run on anything “newer” than 10.6, but what about DisplayCAL itself? If I install on an old MacBook running 10.6, will DisplayCAL itself encounter any system incompatibilities?

  • After doing a bit of “reading”, I found out Argyll Current Version 2.1.1, dated 29th April 2019, needs “Intel OS X 10.6 64 bit or later”. MacOS Sierra is 10.13 and Mojave is 10.15 and Catalina is 10.15: all these three versions are plenty “greater” than “10.6”.   It gives the confusing impression that, somehow, ArgyllCMS executables for the Mac a…[Read more]

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  • Please excuse the newbie question but DisplayCAL Donwload Link shows MacOS system requirement as “A recent Linux, macOS (10.6 or newer, recommended 10.7 or newer)”, how should these numbers be interpreted? To my humble knowledge, HighSierra MacOS is 10.13 ; Mojave MacOS is 10.14 ; Catalina MacOS is 10.15.

    What do “10.6 and 10.7” refer to?

    Again,…[Read more]

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