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    Hi All and thank you for reading this and sharing your valuable advice.

    I am freelance DP & film/video editor and fresh Colourist

    I working on Windows 10pro  with GF980Ti and  Dell U3011 and as second monitor got old Samsung 17″  +  DeckLink Min 4K monitor with TV 42″ (new one coming not sure which one yet, open for suggestion budget £400 40″ max )

    Probe X-Rite i1 Display

    Editing Grading Software  Premier Pro, Davinci Resolve , Photoshop, Lightroom

    Most of my work is  web social media content however I been ask to work on Tv commercial as well as feature documentary and that will be my first time, both project are right now in stage of production which should and in next 2/3 weeks.

    Till now I calibrate with software form  X-Rite and  i1 Display probe which I was kind a happy with results, now I install DisplayCal and all it looks different kinda more accurate I might say, not sure

    My settings

    White point   As measured

    White level   custom 120cd/m2

    gamma 2.2

    Calibration speed Low

    Should I Enable black level drift compensation ?

    How to use Verification future in DisplayCal  ?

    Do I calibrate my monitor to max level, verification option will dabble check it if is correct ?

    This calibration was mainly for Premiere Pro, Photoshop …. I aware of Davinci calibration and viewing in separate monitor or calibrated TV

    Choosing  profile on Dell U3011
    sRGB RGB cant adjust values only Brightness/Contrast

    I did have to do CUSTOM  where I able to change values separately :

    Gain R, G, B

    Offset  R, G, B  —-I  adjusted values

    Hue R, G, B, C, M, Y

    Saturation   R, G, B, C, M, Y

    by displaycal software I had very hight green values, wonder if I did colour adjustment in right place perhaps should I did in “Gain” getting crazy  !

    Now should I calibrate monitor and grading TV somehow different way for TV or future dock which might be display in cinema and then TV dvd ?

    I did not get any info yet from customers  with regards output I know they shooting with Alexa mini which get me exited and nervous ad same time questioning myself if my PC will handle those files

    Next step will be calibrating TV already scared for it, will let you know how it go.

    Thanks for help


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    U3011 is a very old widegamut CCFL… it’s easy that a mid end 27″ QHD sRGB will be better for your task but IDNK what contrast can your display give you @D65.

    Photoshop & Resolve are color managed, you can use them with your U3011 native gamut.
    Just tweak RGB gain to D65, then set your desired brightness, calibrate & profile.
    If you want to use Resolve with U3011 you can create a LUT3D from a profile created for Resolve (documentation) or the profile you use with color mangaed apps.

    Premiere is not color managed AFAIK (depsite some Adobe claims). Your display calibration must match content colorspace you want to visualize.
    Since factory calibrations are locked (sRGB/AdobeRGB) unless you go to service menu, whitepoint in sRGB mode will be corrected with DisplayCAL in GPU calibration limiting one or two channels maximum output. If your sRGB mode has a white point close to your target, dont worry about this limitation and use this kind of white point correction. Final brightness may drop from your desired target and contrast will drop by a small amount.
    When you want to use Premiere just change OSD mode to sRGB factory preset and set as default the profile you made for it (calibration). You can use DisplayCAL tray app to make this faster.

    All this means to use 2 OSD modes, one for color managed apps (Custom + DisplayCal calibration), another one for non color managed apps (sRGB factory mode + DisplayCAL calibration).

    If you want to use just one with a near sRGB/rec709 gamut with custom white point you ca try to reduce U3011 gamut in Custom color mode and “saturation 6 axis controls”. You may need additional tweaks in  RGB gain for white point (and maybe a small amount of offset modification).


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    I don’t know what I did wrong bud whole colours are wrong, after uploading video to YT that was embarrassing. I did colour correct music video in Premiere Pro no enough budget to go to davinci.
    I was thinking that those black are of any way lets try it again …and …again btw video look to bright where contrast was right I did  aim for tint which was not on final YT export
    BTW that was my first color calibration  with DislpayCal with settings as I mentioned in 1 Top post

    Vincent thank you for your time and advice.
    let see if I got it right

    All Profiles I should Calibrate  @D65 =6500K
    What about  White level   should I keep at custom (120cd/m2 day), (100cd/m2 night) or Measured in gamma 2.2 or Rec 709,  sRGB  are they not same ?

    Photoshop & Resolve are color managed, you can use them with your U3011 native gamut.  —>OSD sRGB + calibration profile for resolve and need to Create 3D LUT   display on TV via DeckLink Min 4K , will this work on GUI Dell U3011 ?
    For Photoshop should I use “proof setup–>custom ”  or OSD sRGB + calibration profile ?

    I did found corrections for my display should I used or pass ?

    How to verify that calibration is correct ?

    Regards CB

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    I cannnot know what are your DisplayCAL results (profile or verification) for your calibrations in sRGB osd mode or for native gamut modes. You did not post them so it’s very difficult that someone may read this and help you.

    U3011 is a widegamut CCFL (like other models U2140, PA241W, PA271W…). There is a correction with that name in Xrite software and in DisplayCAL i1d3 bundle. Use it.

    If sRGB mode has a very limited contrast you won’t be able to improve it (unless there is a weird way to use service menu which IDNK).
    Same goes to Custom color OSD mode or other modes. Measure them, there are several ways to do this, from a fast test (command line log window in DisplayCAL) to a profile verification. All should be covered in DisplayCAL documentation if you do not know how to do them.
    If contrast is to bad… or in equivalent sentence “if RGB 0,0,0 is too bright with… let’s say  white 255 at 100cd/m2”, if that results are not aceptable to you,  then you have no other options that to change your display.
    Contrast cannot be improved beyond OSD configuration, it has a limit, a maximum value, it is usually found at native white and default contrast setting.

    Resolve has a free version to download but I do not remember if there are some EULA limitations for commercial use.

    Anyway, if you cannot use Resolve LUT3D (budget/EULA) and you only have access to Premiere then you are forced to use your U3011 sRGB factory mode.
    Choose white point and gamma.
    Whitepoint far from default sRGB mode white point will drop contrast. Choose the lesser evil in the curve between nearest daylight white to default white and D65.
    Gamma 2.2 seems a sensible choice for a first try in a video that is going to be distributed in youtube.

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