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    CG2730 has not LUT3D or LUT3D simulations. It should use some simple lut-matrix like CS or Dell ultrasharps with HW cal. Gamut emulations to sRGB and such work “reasonably” well, but better to validate. More complex colorspace simulations cannot be done in monitor, period.

    If you want a CG2730 for resolve to work with… lets say Rec709 g2.4 D65 white 100nits:
    1-CN, native, 100nits, D65… or OSD manual tweak, DisplayCAL in native OSD mode, set manually D65 + 100nits from DisplayCAL measurements
    2-Use DisplayCAL, profile display as it is, make LUT3D for Resolve
    3-Go to resolve, configure it to use your new software 3D.

    If CN works very well for you, in step 1, choose Rec709 g2.4. Validate with DisplayCAL and if “it’s on your QC spec, whatever it is”... you are done, no need for LUT3D in resolve. If you use VEgas or Premiere you’ll need to do it this way : CN & limit colorspace to Rec709

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