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    Samuel Lambert
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    I’ll preface by explaining my use case to show why I have this problem and what I’m trying to do :

    My current setup is 3 monitors and 1 TV. When I’m at my computer, the TV is off and the monitors are on. When I’m on my couch, the TV is on and the monitors are off. I currently alternate between these 2 setups with AutoHotKey (and DisplayChanger, which allows to create monitor profiles). This allows me to quickly alternate between 2 different configurations with the press of a hotkey.

    I have calibrated all 4 displays successfully with DisplayCal. If all 4 displays are on at the same time, the color profile are attributed correctly and applied, but if I alternate between my 2 usual configurations, the “PC” configuration seems to confuse DisplayCal as the main monitor will now have the TV color profile set. To fix this, I have to manually open the profile loader and remove the TV profile (or set the correct one as the default). If I do it the other way around (monitors -> TV), DisplayCal always seem to apply to correct profile, so the problem only seems to happen one way.

    Now, to fix this, I thought I could just add a line of code to my AutoHotKey script to manually set the color profile of the main monitor after switching to my PC setup (initial info found in this thread:, but, just like the poster of the thread mentioned, DisplayCal Profile Loader will nearly instantly overwrite my command and set it back to the incorrect TV profile.

    Here’s the command I ran (using Argyll’s dispwin.exe) for reference :
    ./dispwin.exe -d 1 "C:\Users\Samue\AppData\Roaming\DisplayCAL\storage\TV - XB271HU #1 2020-05-18 16-06 D6500 2.2 F-S XYZLUT+MTX\TV - XB271HU #1 2020-05-18 16-06 D6500 2.2 F-S XYZLUT+MTX.icm"

    Is there a command line argument to use to tell DisplayCal / Windows what the default profile should be? Or even just to delete a profile that shouldn’t be there? If I can remove the TV profile from the PC main monitor, it should default back to the correct one, so I assume that would work too.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Samuel Lambert
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    For future people that might google the same issue, I was able to solve my issue by deleting the incorrect color profile everytime I switch config by adding the following line to my AutoHotKey script :

    Run cmd.exe /c C:\Users\Sam\AppData\Roaming\DisplayCAL\dl\Argyll_V2.1.2\bin\dispwin.exe -d 1 -U "TV - AV #4 2020-05-18 18-05 0.3127x 0.329y Rec. 1886 M-S XYZLUT+MTX.icm"

    By doing that, DisplayCAL has only 1 profile to fall back to which happens to be the correct one.

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