• Thanks.

    I have successfully launched 3.8.2 in other Leap 15.0 install/computer. Everything works as expected so far. I will try to put a question to opensuse forum, how can I troubleshoot this issue.


  • Not really, but I have written to the OpenSuse forum and have 1 answer from moderator. He has successfully installed previous version of Displaycal, that is in Leap 15.1 repo ( and launched it. However, he has declined to upgrade it to the newest version (3.8.2). I can remember, that has worked in my Leap 15.0 also, and the problem…[Read more]

  • Thanks, Florian,
    but that have not helped either.

    Do you intend to make an .appimage if you will have a spare time may be?


  • Hello,

    I can confirm, that DisplyCal don’t starts not only under Opensuse Leap 15.1 (which live version I have tested), but also under Leap 15.0 (which I use) with the above message.

    How can I repair my broken Python installation under Leap 15.0 (and possibly Leap 15.1)?

    Thanks in advance,


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