• Thank you for responding. The question is really more for SDR calibration, although, if I knew  I could do HDR properly, then I would 3d lut that as well, but for SDR, I want to do 3 3d luts. Power 2.2,, Power 2.4, and BT1886. I just want to make sure I get all the settings correct so that my 3d luts are exactly as they should be.

  • I am trying to create 3d luts for a Sony X950G TV. Which settings should I use for SDR and HDR. I calibrate the TV at power 2.2, but view SDR content on custom for pro 1 at -2 which is bt1886. I also want to use sony custom whitepoint, which I have tried, but it keeps giving me assumed whitepoint red using displaycal when testing it so far. Also,…[Read more]

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