• Takes time to digest everything 🙂

    So in general, using CN or NEC SV we aim at quite low number of patches and in between it’s using idealized data. And you mean, like when using CG/PA series monitors it’s usually we getting “enough” accurate results. Right? And these simulation profiles sRGB, AdobeRGB, REC 709 is again something “idealized…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your answers Vincent, you’re always ready to help! 🙂

    Continuing the discussion about this two models CG2730 and CG279X.. Maybe it’s little of topic in this thread, but it bothers me much..

    I was reading forums, specifications and etc. but still I’m not really understand clearly regarding 3D LUTS. The main difference between these two…[Read more]

  • Seems a huge improvement over former Dells… also it’s $2000. QC has a price. Before buying try to find out if CS2740 (27″ UHD 1000:1) is available and its price because of range issues even when using HW cal (it could be better if dell software uses more calibration patches). CS range should be under 1 or about 1.


    I’m trying to find out m…[Read more]

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