• Hi!

    I just bought a LG C8. I’m gonna use it as my main grading monitor (davinci resolve)

    I need  to get a professional calibration  using displaycal so I’d like to know:


    -What function do I need to disable on the Tv (dynamic contrast, noise reduction, etc)?

    -Which gamma do I have to choose from the options? (2.2-2.4-1886, e…[Read more]

  • This depends on what is supported by the LUT holder.

    I’m gonna upload the lut directly into resolve as a “3d video  monitor lut” or just buy a lut box who can support the right LUT size. the bigger the lut the better?


    See the hints on the main tab.

    what main tab?

  • Does the GZ2000 support uploading LUTs?

    not sure. I can always use a LUT BOX or select the LUT inside of Resolve.

    Which LUT size do you recommend for such a tv and which TV settings do I have to change/turn off before running displaycal ?



  • Great!

    Which TV settings do I need to change beforerunning displaycal?

    few more questions:

    -I heard that displaycal can only handle 3d luts, not 1D+3D, so it isn’t accurate for professional use as for grading in resolve. Is this true?

    -I usually export a 33×33 3D lut from displaycal and then I selecting that 3d lut in “3D video monitor lookup…[Read more]

  • Hi!

    I’m about to buy the new Panasonic GZ2000 and I was wondering how to get a proper calibration using DisplayCal.

    I’m gonna be using the gz2000 as my main grading monitor for SDR mastering.

    These are my usual settings on DisplayCal:

    White Point: 6500K

    White Level: 100cd/m2

    3D LUT:

    Rec18886, 2.4 gamma.



  • Hi!

    I’m a digital colorist (I work on DaVinci Resolve)

    I have just bought a MSI p75 laptop (windows) so I can work on project when I’m on the road and I’m wondering what’s the best way to calibrate the display.. can you help?

    I’m gonna use a xrite  color munki, display cal and I also found a way to adjust the individual RGB bars using the…[Read more]

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