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    Keep the default (BT.1886, equal to pure power gamma 2.4 on a display with zero black level like your OLED)

    Default gamma is 2.2


    Do you think a 17×17 patch will do or should I choose an even smaller patch?


  • Mauri replied to the topic LG C8 CALIBRATION in the forum Help and Support 1 month ago

    I don’t know. I found it on some forum.


    Anyway,  What do you think would be the best patch size for this situation?


  • Mauri replied to the topic LG C8 CALIBRATION in the forum Help and Support 1 month ago

    Hi Florian and thank you so much for the kick response.

    quick question

    As for the patch size you said ” as small as possibile” . I know that smaller patches can’t handle 1D+3D LUT and I’ll need both. Based on that, which would be the perfect patch size for me or what’s the smallest patch that can handle both 1D and 3D LUT if that does make more…[Read more]

  • Hi!

    I just bought a LG C8. I’m gonna use it as my main grading monitor (davinci resolve)

    I need  to get a professional calibration  using displaycal so I’d like to know:


    -What function do I need to disable on the Tv (dynamic contrast, noise reduction, etc)?

    -Which gamma do I have to choose from the options? (2.2-2.4-1886, e…[Read more]

  • This depends on what is supported by the LUT holder.

    I’m gonna upload the lut directly into resolve as a “3d video  monitor lut” or just buy a lut box who can support the right LUT size. the bigger the lut the better?


    See the hints on the main tab.

    what main tab?

  • Does the GZ2000 support uploading LUTs?

    not sure. I can always use a LUT BOX or select the LUT inside of Resolve.

    Which LUT size do you recommend for such a tv and which TV settings do I have to change/turn off before running displaycal ?



  • Great!

    Which TV settings do I need to change beforerunning displaycal?

    few more questions:

    -I heard that displaycal can only handle 3d luts, not 1D+3D, so it isn’t accurate for professional use as for grading in resolve. Is this true?

    -I usually export a 33×33 3D lut from displaycal and then I selecting that 3d lut in “3D video monitor lookup…[Read more]

  • Hi!

    I’m about to buy the new Panasonic GZ2000 and I was wondering how to get a proper calibration using DisplayCal.

    I’m gonna be using the gz2000 as my main grading monitor for SDR mastering.

    These are my usual settings on DisplayCal:

    White Point: 6500K

    White Level: 100cd/m2

    3D LUT:

    Rec18886, 2.4 gamma.



  • Hi!

    I’m a digital colorist (I work on DaVinci Resolve)

    I have just bought a MSI p75 laptop (windows) so I can work on project when I’m on the road and I’m wondering what’s the best way to calibrate the display.. can you help?

    I’m gonna use a xrite  color munki, display cal and I also found a way to adjust the individual RGB bars using the…[Read more]

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