• Dithering is the key. Banding is not dependent on cube resolution (usually 17^3 in HW). Banding happens when you translate a 16bit correction to a 8 or even 10bit channel => truncation. This happens even if you had 256^3 or 1024^3 cube lut. Dithering eliminates that issue. Dither can be software (like MadVR) or HW like AMD dither for 1DLUT in GPU…

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  • Nevertheless I thought that the best approach in order to have 3D Lut without having banding/artifacts is to turn hw calibration off and leave the panel in natural gamut (expects that natural  gamma response is somewhat in a good shape out of the box), otherwise the dynamic range will be limited at input.
    Is this assumption right?

    LUT3D are…

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  • NEC PA311D is ~2500 euro, IPS, UHD 1500:1, but NEC HW cal software does not support WLED PFS backlight on these new PA: it corrects i1displaypro colorimeter using GB-LED spectral power distribution.

    Thank you Vincent again for your suggests, I just read the review of NECPA311D from So weird and sad that even manufacturer like NEC cannot…[Read more]

  • If it is like its PA brothers horrible uniformity issues and poor HW cal software. I would say a big NO.

    Calibration issues can be solved using OSD for WP and a reasonable GPU for grey, or even software LUT3D for full correction… but uniformity cannot be fixed. Even if display has some kind of uniformity compensation it destroys contrast fixing u…

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  • Yes, absolutely right Vincent. Especially if I want to use 3D Lut in Resolve is better to have all other calibration features turned off and let it run in native gamut without any additional clipping.

    According to this review of CS2740 at the constrast ratio in DUE Uniformity mode is only 730:1, which seems to be quite low by nowadays means.

  • I looked at the EIZO CS2740 and honestly I didn’t buy it because it was a little under performing.  EIZO makes good displays but they are usually expensive.

    Could you please elaborate it more in detail? From the EIZO CS2740 spec sheet I am only concern about lower contrast, but considering IPS technology, its somewhat reasonable, I suppose.

  • Hello guys, does anyone have an experience with Asus PA329C? I can’t find any reasonable review. I don’t expect top-notch behavior, but nevertheless I would like to use it as GUI monitor for Resolve and have it calibrated (I hate colour shifts in colour viewer in GUI and grading monitor).
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