Gene R

  • Got it. So I took the advice from a user on LiftGammaGain and made a new icc profile for my moniter setting everything to it’s native setting (color, gamma, white point). From there I made two 3D LUTs with DisplayCal using the recommended settings on the wiki and aiming for Rec 709. BT 1886. D65. 100 cd/m2. For the most part both results seem to…[Read more]

  • Hopping into this convo as well since I’m in the same boat. I have a BenQ PV270 monitor. I used the factory Rec.709 2.4 gamma D65 profile on the monitor and then calibrated it using Palette Master,  creating a new profile. The new profile was aiming for Rec.709, 2.4 gamma, D65, 100cd/m2. The profile was made while the monitor was connected…[Read more]

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