• Having had no end of trouble with the xRite software, I downlaoded DisplayCal and I am MASSIVELY impressed by how slick it is. Open Source heroes win again! Thanks guys.

    Have set it up on the Photo setting and wil play around to see how true the prints are to screen. If niot, I was going to ask how to tweak it but have just discvoered Calibration…[Read more]

  • i1Display Pro arrives today (thanks guys) and I’m reading up in advance. Came across a blog from x-rite which suggest that rather than using Native, a CR of 300:1 is a good starting point for glossy paper and 200:1 for matte. Some of the papers I use are very matte.

    Am I right in thinking that the best way round is to run the calibration twice…[Read more]


    Thanks for very complete reply. May I please ask some more questions based on it?

    I1displaypro & its variants ………….e, take this point seriously before buying a olwer i1d3.

    Got it!

    Regarding your question, a U2312HM should be some kind of 6bit+dither panel. Softproofing or even comparing to a printed copy with some affordable light…[Read more]

  • Can you please translate that into plain English? I did say they were VERY basic questions,  it might help if you assumed that I have little knowledge of your field đŸ™‚

  • Perhpas not, but I’m sure either gives acceptable levels. My question is more whether my kit is capable of being “trained” effectively or whether I need a better graphics card, more tuneable monitor, ect….

  • OK, this is where I am: Run a Dell Optiplex with only a basic Intel graphics card on Windows 10, monitor is an elderly Dell U2312HM. I print on a Canon Pro-100s. Objective is to calibrate such that what I see on screen is what I get when I print (yes, I do soft-proof and use correct ICC paper profiles).

    Best value calibrator seems to be SpyderX…[Read more]

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