• Thanks, the FAQ is helpful. So I think I’m pretty much doing every thing correctly.  I’ve tried opening two instances of the same photo in Preview and it clearly shows the difference still. Is it possible the OLED is getting a bigger colour space in the correction because it’s capable of more somehow? Thanks!

  • Thanks for this. I’ve done this now and the result is similar to before. It doesn’t actually look like a white balance issue. It’s more like a gamma and/or saturation difference. (I set 2.2 gamma in each calibration). The OLED is darker and more saturated, more noticeable in the reds. Even though I measured the black level on the laptop (higher),…[Read more]

  • I’m using an LG B8 OLED TV as an external monitor with my MacBook Pro 2016. I’m trying to get them to show the same colour. I’ve manually set the white point and black points to ranges that both screens can achieve and set 6500 white point when doing the calibration.  Yet, after calibration and profiling, the images are still different.

    I…[Read more]

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