• It may be helpful to allow users to specify the tristimulus observer (dispcal -Q) from the UI.

    I wasted many hours trying to get a wide gamut and a standard gamut display to match to my eyes. The wide gamut display appeared to have a greenish color cast, despite using CCSS corrections. Then I happened across this EIZO white paper that suggests…[Read more]

  • started the topic Error? in the forum Help and Support 5 years, 6 months ago


    I have a problem with dispcaGUI.
    My system:
    MacBook Pro with Monitor U2713HM DELL
    Color Munki Photo

    After 1 hour metering the screen tells me:
    “Computing update to calibration curves…
    Black drift was nan DE
    The instrument can be removed from the screen”

    I don´t understand what´s happening there.
    What does this message m…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    I’m using the 3D Lut created by DispcalGUI as a calibration LUT in Speedgrade. I need to verify the 3D Lut. Is there a way to do this directly in Speedgrade, or could I enable my 3D Lut in Windows and then run the verification in DispcalGUI?

    Many thanks

  • Hello, I recently bought the spyder 4 colorimeter and calibrated my laptop display (Vaio S15 with IPS screen) using dispcal. The measurement report is surprisingly good and I think the screen looks good aswell. My question has to do with the accuracy of the measurement report depending on the instrument. For example, if the instrument is…[Read more]

  • Hi

    I am using Dispcalgui with Colormunki Display and its really wonderful product, much better calibration then with original software. I got 1150:1 contrast with dispcalgui and only 850:1 with original software (only 600:1 with all on auto, and no options to check anything).

    I am using Windows 8.1, but free upgrade to 10 is coming. Have not…[Read more]

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