#20150 (Bug) 3.8.7 – two instances of profile loader on Win 10 startup

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Created by Mark Appleton

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A couple of times I’ve started Windows and seen two instances of Profile Loader in the system tray. Closing one leaves the other running normally.

Untitled (image/jpeg | 2019-09-25 13:18:45)
Untitled (image/jpeg | 2019-09-25 13:19:09)
ts (image/jpeg | 2019-09-25 14:56:34)
logs (application/zip | 2019-09-25 15:11:06)
autoruns (image/jpeg | 2019-09-26 13:08:35)
DisplayCAL Profile Loader Launcher (application/zip | 2019-09-26 13:31:23)

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  1. Sorry – test post. Working again.

    I have a screenshot of two instances running – both system tray and task manager – but the “upload file” button is missing and I don’t know how to add images into a post with the image tool. [ non-working image link redacted ]

  2. Your images aren’t showing up – it seems they are linked to your local harddisk. You can click the ticket edit link above if you need to add more files. I would need to see the two DisplayCAL profile Loader entries in Windows task scheduler – specifically, the “last run” and “result” columns.

  3. Is there any way I can go back to 3.8.6 and see if the problem persists? I never noticed it in that version.

    I cannot find a link to older versions of the program.

  4. Ok. I think I’ve fixed the problem why you couldn’t edit the ticket and attach more files. Please zip and attach %APPDATA%\DisplayCAL\logs\DisplayCAL-apply-profiles.log (and DisplayCAL-apply-profiles-1.log as well as any others with date extension) or upload it somewhere in case editing the ticket still doesn’t work.

  5. Use SysInternal’s Autoruns tool and check your startup items. You may have an existing/leftover entry for the profile loader somewhere. There should only be the two scheduled tasks.

  6. I need a screenshot of the task history for the profile loader task, i.e. click on “Aufgabenplanungsbibliothek” in the left pane, select the task, then click on the history tab (and please expand the columns so that date/time and category columns are completely visible).

  7. Thanks. So it looks like the PC was reactivated from standby, and then you logged in (although the order of events is reversed in the task history, this may be due to task delays). Is this correct? Do you typically log out before putting the PC into standby?

    Please also send me the system events from Windows event viewer. To do this, open Event Viewer, expand “Windows Protocols”, click on “System”, then click on “save all events as” in the right-hand pane. Save as *.evtx and include display information for one language (german or english). This may take a while, Event Viewer will give you a notification when it’s done. Zip the file and send it to me (file contains relatively detailed info about system events that give insight about computer usage, if you feel uncomfortable sharing that publicly, please send it privately to Email, I’ll get rid of the file as soon as I’ve reviewed the order of events that lead to the double profile loader instances). Thanks again.

  8. The PC is not really reactivated from standby – it’s started having the “fast startup” option active.

  9. Same here. Did some tests with and without “fast startup”. Problem seems to be fixed. Thank you very much.

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